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23 Jan

The New York Times Once Again Ignores Important Issues

Recently a comrade, Samantha Myers, submitted this wonderful letter to The New York Times and they didn’t have the wisdom to publish it. But here it is on Disability Culture Watch.
To the Editor:

I love hearing about great design stores in my neighborhood. Your article (“Where Design Heads Double-Dip”, November 22, 2007) inspired me to head out in my wheelchair to check out the new stores Muji and CB2. When I arrived there, steps at the entrance to each store made them totally inaccessible for someone like me. Clearly, they do not understand the principles of universal design or the Americans for Disabilities Act. I hope that when the NY Times reviews stores, it remembers to address the question of access. Perhaps a reporter would like to understand what it’s like to shop from my position.

Samantha Myers

The writer is 18 years old, lives in Greenwich Village, and has the rare genetic condition, Familial Dysautonomia.

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