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17 Apr

West Coast Dance Conference - Disability on Point

Wish I could attend this exciting conference. There is a conversation brewing that is underscoring the inevitability of disability taking center stage.     
DANCE UNDER CONSTRUCTION 2008 The 10th annual Dance Studies Conference
“Willing and Able: Re-Figuring Dance, Performance, and Disability”
Incorporating perspectives on dance from the visual arts, geography,
architecture, and medical studies, this inter-campus graduate student
conference examines how particular […]

16 Apr


New Yorkers take note: Extra-exciting Dance  Talent 4/26 - do it!!
gimp (gimp)
1. a ribbonlike, braided fabric
2. fighting spirit; vigor
3. a lame person
4. slang a halting, lame walk
5. To turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically
6. An exciting, cutting edge dance event
HEIDI LATSKY DANCE is in residency at Henry Street Settlement: Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street
Please join us for our […]

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