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29 Jan

Three Lectures in Disability Studies in New York

Three Lectures in Disability
Graduate Center
City University of New York
365 Fifth Avenue

February 21 - Simi Linton: “Writing Disability: My Body Politic” [6:30 P.M. Room C198]
March 13 - Lennard Davis: “Obsession: How Culture Becomes Disability” [6:30 Room 3102 (Music Lounge)]
April 10 - Rosemarie Garland-Thomson: “The Politics of Picturing Disability” [6:30 P.M. Room C204/205]

For accommodation, please contact:
Or […]

28 Jan

Belluso on Stage - Public Theater

Spread the word!!! Send notice out on listserves. This needs a big audience or lots of reasons, most importantly the merit of the work!!!
It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that the Public Theater is doing a production of John’s last play, The Poor Itch. It is part of the Public’s […]

23 Jan

The New York Times Once Again Ignores Important Issues

Recently a comrade, Samantha Myers, submitted this wonderful letter to The New York Times and they didn’t have the wisdom to publish it. But here it is on Disability Culture Watch.
To the Editor:
I love hearing about great design stores in my neighborhood. Your article (“Where Design Heads Double-Dip”, November 22, 2007) inspired me to […]

23 Jan

Oscar Pistorius - The Latest Recipient of the Casey Martin Treatment

Last week, the International Association of Athletics and Federations ruled that Oscar Pistorius – a sprinter and double amputee who uses prosthetic racing blades - is ineligible to compete this summer in the Beijing Olympics (or any other sanctioned “able-bodied” competitions) because his Cheetah Racing Blades are “technical aids” that they claim give him a […]

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