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30 Nov

Blind Blind People and Other Spurious Tales

The parable of the blind men and the elephant is used in various Eastern belief systems to explain that reality may be viewed differently depending on one’s perspective or to show how absolute truths may be relative. There are various versions of the tale, but it boils down to: a group of blind men […]

13 Nov

disTHIS disCanDance DisCo InFerNo Photos!!!

This is to announce the resounding success of: disTHIS! disCanDANCE DisCo InFerNo!!! that we posted here on DCW in October.
For details of the November 7th event (that you are kickin’ yourself for having missed) go to the disTHIS Film Series Site.
Check out these tantalizing photos (by Allison Lucas) after the break:
[Photo 1: A dark room […]

06 Nov

Crispin Cripple Critters

Note: Although I find much of what I’ve read about It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine troubling, there is an interview with filmmaker Crispin Glover that renders a more complex picture to the project.  Here is the link.

Another film I haven’t seen (see previous post) is Crispin Glover’s soon-to-be-released It Is Fine! Everything […]

06 Nov

“Coming Home” to “Music Within” - Going Backwards or Forwards?

A new feature film has opened and the advertisement in New Mobility magazine says it was “Inspired by the true story behind the Americans with Disabilities Act.” (The ads in non-disability-focused papers/magazines do not have that tag line.)
I wondered: Could it be a meaningful and interesting presentation of disabled people’s history? An exciting film about […]

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