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29 Aug

Disabled or Nondisabled: Veterans from Iraq Challenge the Definitions

The definition of who is and who is not “disabled” has never been clear-cut. Ongoing squabbles within the disability rights movement and in disability studies have never been adequately resolved. The definition of “disability” in federal and state legislation is also contested. Recent Supreme Court rulings have eroded essential parts of the Americans with Disabilities […]

25 Aug

The War in Iraq: Artists Take Notice

It looks like representation of disabled veterans of the Iraq War is finally beginning to get the attention of the arts community. Here is some evidence:
On August 22, The New York Times ran a review of the Nina Berman photo exhibit “Purple Hearts” at Jen Bekman Gallery. Holland Cotter’s review notes: “Almost all the veterans […]

15 Aug

Griffith Review

I’m happy to announce that an excerpt from my memoir, My Body Politic, has been published in the Australian journal Griffith Review.
Check out their current issue - titled “Staying Alive” – the piece is titled: “Conscripts to the Calvary.”  Also check out the photo essay on Ross Barber the Director of Access Arts Queensland, and […]

07 Aug

Dance Updates

Heidi Latsky Dance has now mounted two pieces with disabled dancers. The first was last spring in New York City with Lisa Bufano. And in July, Lawrence Carter-Long performed with the company at the Woodstock Playhouse, in artsy and still hippified Woodstock, NY.
The work is new, exciting and immensely pleasurable. Both Bufano and Carter-Long bring […]

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