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28 Jun

Adaptation is in the Air

The subject of adaptation seems to be everywhere lately.  First, it was discussed in a recent post on John Hockenberry’s Blog about a conference at MIT (of all places) about the impact that technology, engineering, and life sciences can have on the quality of every day life for disabled people.
And then adaptation was in the news.  […]

26 Jun

Lord Chatterley Abandoned Once Again

When I was 13 or so, I would occasionally sneak my mother’s copy of Lady Chatterly’s Lover down from a high shelf in her room, and take it to my favorite spot - the empty bathtub - the only place I felt safe from adult intrusion. I read selectively - really only the dirty parts […]

21 Jun

A Theatrical Homecoming: Voices of Iraq War Veterans

Last Friday, I visited my favorite theatrical venue, The Public Theater, to attend the one-night-only production of the controversial Voices in Conflict. The Public is my favorite theatre because of its mandate for inclusiveness on stage and in its audience.
Voices in Conflict is a controversial play due to the content of the work and the […]

08 Jun

Belluso play by Theater by the Blind

Theater By The Blind presents

the NYC premiere


by John Belluso

The Company: Brian Bielawski, Hollis Hamilton, Christopher Hurt, Gregg Mozgala, Pamela Sabaugh, Nicholas Viselli

Director – Ike Schambelan

Sets & Lights – Bert Scott

Costumes – Renee Mariotti

Stage Manager – Ann Marie Morelli

Assistant Stage Manager – Francis Eric Montesa

Monty […]

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