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24 Dec

At the Museum

I greet a museum guard as I enter a gallery of early 20th century realist painting. The guard smiles back. After touring the gallery, I  stop for a while to study a display case containing an artist’s diaries.The guard comes over close to me and smiles again. He stops there, and leaning slightly forward is […]

24 Dec

Letter to the Editor

The following Letter to the Editor is to appear in this Sunday’s Arts and Leisure section of the NY Times:
To the Editor:Charles Isherwood questions the use of derogatory language for comic effect in contemporary theater and film. In discussing Michael Richards’s recent outburst, he uses the phrase “cripples his career.” Disabled people have ample experience […]

21 Dec

Disability Culture Watch - In brief

The disTHIS! Film Series showcases quality narrative, shorts, documentary and feature films with disability themes beyond clichés. Screenings in New York City on the first Wednesday of the month (with some variation). I have seen several of the films show at disTHIS and am wildly enthusiastic about their programming.

There is much to say about dancer […]

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