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29 Apr

Creativity Unleashed

I mentioned in the previous post (4/22/09) an art exhibit featuring four disabled artists at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery in Chelsea (NYC) (529 West 20 Street – Wheelchair accessible).
I attended a screening at the gallery of the film titled Make about these four artists, Ike Morgan, Royal Robertson, Judith Scott and Hawkins Bolden. Filmmakers Scott Ogden […]

22 Apr

Disability: Almost There

I am interested in how prevalent disability is in all manner of cultural formations, and, paradoxically, how invisible. As I watch a film or read a book, I can (or think I can) guess when the impaired character, theme or trope will emerge, and then how she, he or it will serve the plot or […]

21 Mar

The Gimp Project - like nothing you’ve ever seen

Raves keep coming in on the Gimp Project. One more night – Saturday, March 21.
The audiences have been over the moon!!!!!!! See info below for ticket info.
Here is a glimpse from the Newark Star Ledger:
GIMP is coming…..to New York City, March 19-21.
New York City tickets call # 212 -352-3101 or visit: www.theatermania.com
Cool Video and more […]

11 Mar

Horton Foote on Disability

Ah. Horton Foote. He wrote the screenplay for To Kill a Mockingbird, and then some 45 years later put his arm around me for this photo.
Horton Foote died March 4 in Hartford, Conn, at the age of 92. He was working on a production of “The Orphans’ Home Cycle,” his award-winning collection of nine plays, […]

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