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20 Sep

Accessibility Versus Hospitality: A Letter-to-the-Editor

The Letter-to-the-Editor that I wrote in response to Frank Bruni’s article, “When Accessibility Isn’t Hospitality” was published in the New York Times today. 
It was one of many letters in response to Bruni’s excellent commentary on the subtle, and often not-so-subtle, discrimination and disregard that face disabled people at every turn. Bruni rightfully pointed out that […]

06 Sep

George Bush and the Australian Financial Review

George W. Bush is in Sydney, Australia today for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. At a cost to the American taxpayers of $200,000,000, he has brought with him an entourage that includes 3 jumbo jets, 5 transport aircraft, 2 helicopters, 20 motor vehicles (including 1 ambulance, 2 presidential limos and 18 secret service vehicles), 50 […]

15 Aug

Griffith Review

I’m happy to announce that an excerpt from my memoir, My Body Politic, has been published in the Australian journal Griffith Review.
Check out their current issue - titled “Staying Alive” – the piece is titled: “Conscripts to the Calvary.”  Also check out the photo essay on Ross Barber the Director of Access Arts Queensland, and […]

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