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22 Apr

Disability: Almost There

I am interested in how prevalent disability is in all manner of cultural formations, and, paradoxically, how invisible. As I watch a film or read a book, I can (or think I can) guess when the impaired character, theme or trope will emerge, and then how she, he or it will serve the plot or […]

01 Mar

Examining Life/Disability

The documentary film Examined Life opened Wednesday, 2/25, at the IFC Theatre in NYC – check their site for schedule for film in NYC (through Tuesday, March 3), and then check film’s website for screenings around country.
“EXAMINED LIFE takes philosophy out of the classroom and into the street, as filmmaker Astra Taylor (Zizek!) accompanies a […]

01 May

Do Not, I Repeat Do Not, Miss, Diss, nor Hiss at DisTHIS

I am perpetually invigorated when I attend disTHIS screenings. Check out their upcoming one, May 7th, and then on June 18th - those of you coming to SDS have your chance! disTHIS presents films about disability, but more pointedly about authenticity, democracy, and social transformation. The selection process is rigorous and astute, which most often […]

19 Feb

The Victorious Victorias

As I forecasted last week, Victoria Marks’s “Action Conversations” was not to be missed!! I was bound to the East Coast and missed it, but we have, below, an exciting review by Victoria Lewis, associate professor of Theatre Arts at the University of Redlands.
This is more than a review; it is an essay by […]

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