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25 Feb


It has been eons since I’ve posted to Disability Culture Watch, but I am moved to post by the events of the last week. Namely, the protests in Los Angeles and around the country at the decision by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to grant the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to Jerry […]

07 Mar

The Responsibility Project

Some of you may have seen the new Liberty Mutual advertisement about a disabled woman on a mission. If you haven’t seen it on TV, check it out here on youtube.
It is important to let them know what the disability community thinks about this initiative.  Make it a point to go to their […]

28 Feb

Clinton and Obama: A Follow Up

I recently posted a comparison between Clinton and Obama on disability issues - here is the link.
As always, there are complex factors to be weighed in deciding which candidate best represents our issues. In Tuesday’s debate, Obama made a statement about his regret about his vote on the Schiavo case, and today I went […]

22 Feb

Obama and Clinton Meet Disability and the Arts

The Obama vs Clinton issue is in the air, and there is much that could be said. For the purposes of Disability Culture Watch, I am monitoring two issues – disability and, of course, the arts.
Based on campaign materials and the American Association of People with Disabilities Election Action Center, it appears that Barack […]

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