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29 Apr

Creativity Unleashed

I mentioned in the previous post (4/22/09) an art exhibit featuring four disabled artists at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery in Chelsea (NYC) (529 West 20 Street – Wheelchair accessible).
I attended a screening at the gallery of the film titled Make about these four artists, Ike Morgan, Royal Robertson, Judith Scott and Hawkins Bolden. Filmmakers Scott Ogden […]

22 Apr

Disability: Almost There

I am interested in how prevalent disability is in all manner of cultural formations, and, paradoxically, how invisible. As I watch a film or read a book, I can (or think I can) guess when the impaired character, theme or trope will emerge, and then how she, he or it will serve the plot or […]

02 Jun

The Artist Known as Bill Shannon

WORK by Bill Shannon
A solo exhibition. 15 May – 18 June 2008
138 Mulberry Street, 6th Floor
NYC 10013
12-7 Tues-Sat | 12-5 Sunday
Bill Shannon takes on disability once again, this time at a gallery exhibition featuring drawings, sculpture, video installation and multi-media art. Many of us know Shannon primarily as performance artist and dancer, but I […]

30 Nov

Blind Blind People and Other Spurious Tales

The parable of the blind men and the elephant is used in various Eastern belief systems to explain that reality may be viewed differently depending on one’s perspective or to show how absolute truths may be relative. There are various versions of the tale, but it boils down to: a group of blind men […]

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