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22 Apr

Disability: Almost There

I am interested in how prevalent disability is in all manner of cultural formations, and, paradoxically, how invisible. As I watch a film or read a book, I can (or think I can) guess when the impaired character, theme or trope will emerge, and then how she, he or it will serve the plot or […]

21 Mar

The Gimp Project - like nothing you’ve ever seen

Raves keep coming in on the Gimp Project. One more night – Saturday, March 21.
The audiences have been over the moon!!!!!!! See info below for ticket info.
Here is a glimpse from the Newark Star Ledger:
GIMP is coming…..to New York City, March 19-21.
New York City tickets call # 212 -352-3101 or visit: www.theatermania.com
Cool Video and more […]

23 Jan

The New York Times Once Again Ignores Important Issues

Recently a comrade, Samantha Myers, submitted this wonderful letter to The New York Times and they didn’t have the wisdom to publish it. But here it is on Disability Culture Watch.
To the Editor:
I love hearing about great design stores in my neighborhood. Your article (“Where Design Heads Double-Dip”, November 22, 2007) inspired me to […]

23 Jan

Oscar Pistorius - The Latest Recipient of the Casey Martin Treatment

Last week, the International Association of Athletics and Federations ruled that Oscar Pistorius – a sprinter and double amputee who uses prosthetic racing blades - is ineligible to compete this summer in the Beijing Olympics (or any other sanctioned “able-bodied” competitions) because his Cheetah Racing Blades are “technical aids” that they claim give him a […]

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